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30 Spectacular Hebrew Tattoos

Tattoos are beautiful expressive tools that provide us with number of options to explore our creative side and give them a shape. The world is full of variety and this very variety finds a place in the form of different languages and scripts that are present on the globe in its different corners. Tattoos also draw inspiration from the scripts and it is very fashionable and cool to get tattoos in various scripts. Hebrew tattoos are also a part of this language category art form. Hebrew is one of the most ancient languages of the world which is considered by Jews to be their native language.

The script has undergone a deep evolution in the course of time and today it is written in a standardized form. Many people find the language fascinating and for them, Hebrew tattoos are a good way to show their love and respect. Many people also get these tattoos as a tribute to the holy Jewish land where Lord Jesus was born. Those who go on trips are often seen getting the tattoo as a souvenir. If you are interested in knowing more about the Hebrew tattoos, then take a look at this post which has 30 images to tell you a lot. Go ahead and enjoy.
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Collar Bone Tattoo

Cool Hebrew script tattoo, carved on the side of the chest, that is simple and clean in appearance.
hebrew tattoo design
Collar Bone Tattoo

Nice Hebrew Tattoo

Holy Hebrew words carved as wrist tattoo, that say “be very courageous and strong” inspire the wearer to be bold and brave.
nice hebrew tattoo
Nice Hebrew Tattoo

Hebrew Neck Tattoo

Symbolizing inner strength, this Hebrew tattoo serves as a source of inspiration to the wearer and she also finds it worth flaunting.
hebrew tattoo
Hebrew Neck Tattoo

Religious Hebrew Tattoo

This big back tattoo has the holy “trinity” name carved in Hebrew that is meant to protect the wearer from evils.
back nice hebrew tattoo
Religious Hebrew Tattoo

Holy Hebrew Tattoo

Tattoo carved on both forearms that means “to worship” in Hebrew and represents the religious nature of the wearer.
hebrew hand tatt
Holy Hebrew Tattoo

Hebrew Leg Tattoo

Hebrew phrase tattoo, carved for inspiration, that says “I will heal you and make you better”.
my hebrew tattoo
Hebrew Leg Tattoo

Hebrew Back Tattoo

Upper back etched with Hebrew script, that holds meaning for the wearer and makes him feel motivated.
hebrew new back tatt
Hebrew Back Tattoo

Mother With Names Tattoo

Back of this mother displays the names of her sons, carved in Hebrew, as a mark of love and affection.
back new tattoo
Mother With Names Tattoo

Daniel In Hebrew

Simple name tattoo that is inspired by the Hebrew prophet who spent his life as a captive at the court of Babylon.
daniel in hebrew
Daniel In Hebrew

Foot Tattoo

Sweet tattoo that says “my delight is in her” and is a symbol of the love, the wearer nurses in her heart for her daughter.
leg hebrew tatt
Foot Tattoo

Hebrew Wrist Tattoo

The girl got this Hebrew word meaning love, carved on her wrist to remind herself of god’s grace.
in hebrew love tatt
Hebrew Wrist Tattoo

Hebrew Back Tattoo

The vertical trail has a Hebrew script that is flawed because the script is written from right to left, not the other way.
hebrew back tattoo
Hebrew Back Tattoo

Side Hebrew Tattoo

Love expression tattoo that is inspired from the song of Solomon and says “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.”
side hebrew tattoo
Side Hebrew Tattoo

Flawed Hebrew Tattoo

Carved in wrong fashion, this Hebrew tattoo, which was to mean “life”, is now devoid of any life but looks pretty, all the same.
hebrew national tattoo
Flawed Hebrew Tattoo

Love Tattoo

This man got his mother’s name, carved in Hebrew, on both sides of the shoulder to show his love and respect.
my second tattoo
Love Tattoo

Shoulder Hebrew Tattoo

The girl flaunts in style her straight and neat Hebrew tattoo design, carved on the shoulder, with black ink.
nice back tattoo
Shoulder Hebrew Tattoo

Neck Tattoo

Lovely father expresses love for his daughter with her name tattoo, carved in Hebrew, on the neck.
neck tattoo
Neck Tattoo

Cool Surname Tattoo

Stomach tattoo, carved in neat and bold style, displaying the surname of the wearer that means music in Hebrew.
music in hebrew
Cool Surname Tattoo

Meaningful Back Tattoo

The girl has got the meaning of her name carved on the back that means “protected by god” in Hebrew.
hebrew tattoo back
Meaningful Back Tattoo

Hebrew Hand Tattoo

Words carved in Hebrew, find place on both the forearms, that look mysterious but hold meaning for the wearer.
hebrew hand tattoo
Hebrew Hand Tattoo

Hebrew Proverb Tattoo

This tattoo with rest of the portion on other arm says “where there is no vision, the people go wild; but he that keeps the law will be happy”.
nice hand tattoo
Hebrew Proverb Tattoo

Name Tattoo

The boy shows his love for the language by getting his name carved in Hebrew on the inside of the forearm.
nice hand tatt
Name Tattoo

Catchy Arm Tattoo

Meaningful and magnetic; this Hebrew arm tattoo, forming a circular design on the arm, says “never forget”.
hebrew tatt
Catchy Arm Tattoo

Pretty Hebrew Tattoo

This Hebrew tattoo pertains to the name of a god called Esh Okhlah and means “consuming fire”.
hebrew new tattoo
Pretty Hebrew Tattoo

Star Tattoo In Hebrew

Hebrew tattoo carved in Jerusalem as a souvenir, to commemorate the trip the wearer went on, that says “khokhav” and stands for a star.
star tattoo in hebrew
Star Tattoo In Hebrew

Religious Girl Hebrew Tattoo

The smiling girl is a devout believer in Jesus and to express the same she has got a Hebrew tattoo that says “take the world, give me Jesus”.
nice hebrew
Religious Girl Hebrew Tattoo

Hebrew Ankle Tattoo

Simple and sober Hebrew tattoo, carved just above the ankle, looks nice in its neat form.
hebrew leg tatt
Hebrew Ankle Tattoo

Long Hebrew Tattoo

The man has got a long, half sleeve, Hebrew script lettering tattoo that is not exposed often and lies hidden.
hebrew on body
Long Hebrew Tattoo

Hebrew Locust Tattoo

The Bible has around 8 to 10 names of locusts in Hebrew and this vertical back tattoo alludes to the same.
back tattoo new
Hebrew Locust Tattoo

Hebrew Name Tattoo

Daniel is a very popular name in Hebrew and this man with same name has got it carved in Hebrew.
Daniel in hebrew new
Hebrew Name Tattoo

Hebrew Tattoo Meanings

Stumbling upon a tattoo in a foreign language can be a very intriguing experience.
If you’ve ever wondered what someone has written on his or her body, but didn’t ask, here you’ll find a list of 6 different Hebrew tattoo meanings, along with the photographs of the actual tattoos.
1. I can do all things through him – This is a variation of the phrase “I can do all things through Christ” which appears in Philippians 4:13.
2. Hephzibah – This is a Biblical Hebrew name, which also literally means “I want/desire her”.
3. Strength – A simple, one-word tattoo that is made even shorter due to the use of nikkud – those dots that you can notice around the letters. Without nikkud, this tattoo would have 4 letters, rather than only 3, as in the picture.
4. Love is life – Straight and to the point, this tattoo, although using nikkud, would consist of the same letters even if nikkud was not applied here.
5. This tattoo reads the word “Binyamin” which is the Hebrew Biblical origin of the common name “Benjamin”.
When choosing to tattoo a name in Hebrew, you should be aware that only a professional translator can explain the differences between writing the name as you pronounce it and using the Hebrew origin. There can certainly be different Hebrew tattoo meanings – depending on the option that you choose.
6. He has risen – This tattoo also means “resurrected”, and is a beautiful example of a Hebrew tattoo combined with a Christian symbol. While there is a genuine question whether there is such a thing as a “Christian Hebrew tattoo”, this tattoo, if such a category exists, would definitely be included.

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Hebrew Quotes for Tattoo

Hebrew tattoos are a craze now and it is undoubtedly celebrities like Madonna, David and Victoria Beckham and Britney Spears who are responsible for bringing the language into mainstream popularity for tattoo lovers and artists. We have chosen some thoughtful quotes and proverbs in the Hebrew language that you would love to get tattooed with. Go over our collection and choose any quote that you like for a Hebrew word tattoo. 

Hebrew Life Quotes for Tattoo

ליהנות עושה יוצר רצון.(Enjoying life is doing the Creator's will.)

הבטחה שבורה מובילה רע בחיים.(A broken promise leads to a bad life.)

בחיים, כל אחד מאיתנו צריך לפעמים להשתטות.(In life, each of us must sometimes play the fool.)

החיים הגדול ביותר לעסקה כי אנו מקבלים בחינם.(Life is the biggest bargain that we get for nothing.)

Hebrew Love Quotes for Tattoo

אהבה, תקווה, אמונה.(Love, Hope, Faith.)

אוהב אותי מעט אך ארוך.(Love me a little but long.)

אהבה ושנאה תמיד להגזים.(Love and hate always exaggerate.)

לאהוב אותו מי מודיע לך תקלות הפרטית.(Love him who tells you your faults in private.)

אהבה טעמים מתוקים, אך רק עם לחם.(Love tastes sweet, but only with bread.)

Hebrew Friendship Quotes for Tattoo

להכיר חברים חדשים, אבל אל תשכחו את ישנים.(Make new friends, but don't forget the old ones.)

מצא ידיד נאמן, מוצא אוצר.(Who finds a faithful friend, finds a treasure.)

כל מי שרואה חברו הטוב ביותר למראה.(Everybody sees his best friend in the mirror.)

על בקבוק רבים חבר הוא נמצא.(Over the bottle many a friend is found.)

Hebrew Wise Quotes for Tattoo

הזמן עושה את שלו.(Time is a great healer.)

המזל אמיץ.(Fortune favours the brave.)

הגאווה היא מסיכה אנו הופכים את התקלות.(Pride is the mask we make of our faults.)

אם מילה שוות שקל אחד, שתיקה שווה שני.(If a word be worth one shekel, silence is worth two.)

לב רחום, כבוד עצמי, צדקה.(Tender heart, self-respect, and charity.)

Hebrew Religious Quotes for Tattoo

אלוהים הוא אב, האושר הוא אב חורג.(God is a father, happiness is a stepfather.)

אלוהים הוא הקרוב ביותר לאלו עם לבבות שבורים.(God is closest to those with broken hearts.)

ברא אלהים עולם מלא מעט עולמות.(God created a world full of little worlds.)

אלוהים לא יכול להיות בכל מקום, לכן הוא עשה אמהות.(God could not be everywhere, that's why he made mothers.)

Design Hebrew Script Tattoos

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Design Hebrew Script Tattoos
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Hebrew Tattoo Ideas : Design Hebrew Script Tattoos
Many tattoo designs in tattoo font is applied to Hebrew tattoo design, tattoo letters of the Hebrew original is taken from the Bible. Unusual fonts and we rarely see in public places is becoming a favorite among men and women to apply tattoos letters. You can take meaningful words beautiful straight from the Bible and apply on your body and you just imitate letters and make your own words to your liking. But do not forget to choose the place that you want to apply, which will try to place you choose can be seen clearly. It will help you look attractive and be your best self.
Here is wanted recommendation on mom in hebrew. We have the cool resources for mom in hebrew. Check it out for yourself! You can get Design Hebrew Script Tattoos guide and read the latest Hebrew Tattoo Ideas in here.
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